This blog is an insight of some of the experiences that people living and studying abroad may face, their challenges, their hard work, worries, basically their story. We all have a story, some more interesting than others and some are just better storytellers. Unlike most people I had to learn most of the things on my own being the first in my family to ever study abroad. This journey is what you make of it honestly. It could be fun, adventurous or you could wish you never left home  but it is always important to remember that if you deal with your situations with a positive up building mindset, you can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Blogging is something I have thought about for a while but just did not have the courage to do it. So I decided to conquer my fears and start from somewhere right? I just want to reach out and help give as much information and advise on preparing for your journey abroad. Always remember that your life is your journey to lead